Friday, November 9, 2012

I Sense A Great Disturbance in the Force...

A cute comic I saw in the Indianapolis Star on
Disney's aquisition of Star Wars

I've just received word of Disney's acquisition of the Star Wars franchise and the production of yet-to-be-named Episode 7. All I can say is Oh My Gosh! Mixed feelings here. On one hand, I feel like George Lucas and LucasFilm is selling out to a mega conglomerate and I was sad to read that George Lucas burned out after so much flack & hate mail from Star Wars fans, his fans, in response to the prequel trilogy & modifications to the original & that fueled his decision to sell out. On the other hand, the Clone Wars series has been a great success & possible preview of great things to come. However, with that said, as a die-hard SW fan, I still have a lot of reservations about this upcoming trilogy. 1)Lack of purity. Although George Lucas will be giving input, it won't be solely his ideas and creative genius behind this. 2)Expanded Universe and SW Cannon. What of the expanded universe contained in the novels written after the original trilogy, will the movie over-ride these and create a new cannon and time line (destroying all the hard work of the authors all these years?) 3)Will they be bringing back the original actors to reprise their roles and/or incorporating new ones? But my biggest question is, Is this taking the Star Wars franchise too far and will the franchise jump the shark with this new trilogy?

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