Friday, August 29, 2008

Pro-Choice Activists Move to Shut Down CPCs

*Sighs* A week ago I ran into the website of a non-profit organization dedicated to shutting down CPCs. I don't wish to share their name as I don't encourage visiting their site. However, I'm sure if you looked hard enough, you could find the site via Google.

Welcome to [name removed-ed.]! Whether you're searching information about deceptive CPCs or have just stumbled onto our site while looking for information regarding your reproductive options, you've come to the right place.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are fake clinics that use deceptive tactics to lure vulnerable women into their doors. Once inside, women are subjected to an array of false and misleading information regarding their reproductive options. CPCs are not medical clinics, but instead an appendage of the anti-choice camp whose mission is to enact control over a woman's body and limit her decisions. Many staff no medical professionals at all. With over 4000 CPCs operational in the U.S., it's likely tens of thousands of women have, through no fault of their own, fallen victim to one of the most dangerous threats to reproductive freedom today.

In the interest of providing an differing view (and refuting many pro-choice misconceptions, I might add), I wrote the webmaster via their contact page . It was just a simple, curt e-mail showing interest in their site and offered a link to my own article on crisis pregnancy centers, Myths and Facts About Pregnancy Resource Centers .
Later on that afternoon, I received an anonymous website hit to the article. That was August 29th. Then on September 3rd, much to my surprise, I received a website hit from the I.P. address of the Feminist Majority Foundation. It looks like I might be grabbing someone's attention. Good!