Monday, June 18, 2007

Loosing a Loved One to Cancer

My Grandmother, at age 71, was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma multiforme (a stage 4 malignant astrocytoma brain tumor) in the right hemosphere of her brain in February of this year. Despite immediate surgery to remove the most of tumor and chemo/radiation treatment, she sucombed to the tumor at the end of May. She was a wonderful caring women and was loved by her family and losing her to the cancer was difficult.
Pictures of our beloved "Granny" can be found in my Myspace Photo Album

Another family has shared similiar trials and tribulations. Little Mila was just 2yrs old when on September 6, 2006 she was diagnosed with a terminal glioma astrocytoma. The tumor was located on her brain stem and because of her age, the tumor was inoperable and she was unable to undergo treatment. Mila's mother and their friend, Gavin Booth share the joys of having Mila in their lives as well as their challenges in the following videos:
Andi & Mila: In the Arms of the Angel
Advetures In Mila-Land Parts 1-5
Mila Forever
Sadly, I just found out Mila succombed to the tumor this afternoon. May she rest in peace among the angels. My thoughts are with their family.