Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Bitterly Cold Morning at Planned Parenthood

I arrived at Planned Parenthood a little after nine this morning. There were three others there already, the other sidewalk counselor, a a retired nurse in her sixties, and two prayer partners, one a retired Marine (I don't know much about the other prayer partner as I've only seen her there a few times). It wa a bitterly cold morning and despite wearing layers of clothing, I had forgotten gloves and was chilled to the bone, but fortunatr sidewalk counselor had packed extra gloves and things and for that I was grateful. and Shortly after I arrived, they began to say the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosery and Planned Parenthood clients began to pull in. One of the prayer partners offered me a rosary, however I declined. I stood on the side of the drive and offered our literature and help to women driving in, however very few stopped today. Indeed, it was a bitter and cold morning.

Update: This was to be my last day sidewalk counseling due to a series of morning appointments and picking up more hours in the morning in home health work. I am grateful for the time I had speaking with the other sidewalk counselors and prayer partners and the opportunity to work on the front lines reaching out to help women in a crisis pregnancy.

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