Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Abortion Rights Threatened By Ultrasound

An abortion rights activist admits that the availability of elective ultrasounds leds women to re-consider abortion. This is from message 2113 (Tue Aug 16, 2005) in the Yahoo! Group: Abortion Celebration:
"I believe it was the invention of the ultrasound that is killing the right to choose. Now that people have the ability to see their baby while it's inside your body, it makes it harder to go through with the procedure. Don't get me wrong, I think the ultrasound is wonderful for those who wish to have their baby and it's a great way to see your baby and get excited about it but for those who just want to have an abortion and are already having enough problems with the whole thing, seeing the ultrasound is like twisting the dagger that's already in your stomach."
This poster, and many other pro-choice activists perceive the availability of elective ultrasound to be a threat to abortion rights. Why? While some laws seek to make viewing of the ultrasound mandatory, I don't believe women should be forced to see an ultrasound if they don't want to; however she should be given the option of viewing it if she so desires. If anything ultrasound isn't taking away a woman's ability to choose, but allows her to make an informed decision with information on the development of her pregnancy. Rather the threat is to abortion rights.  They acknowledged what we've known all along, there's a developing human child in there and it's not just tissue, and a woman seeing her child on ultrasound could have a profound impact on her decison. A woman may see her developing child in the ultrasound and become emotionally attached, deciding to not have an abortion. But for the woman who's decided to have an abortion, she may have rationed that this decision is for the best, and emotionally seperated herself from her unborn child. To see the ultrasound, she would face that reality the abortion would be ending the life of her unborn child (or potential life) within her, and coming to terms with death is nothing any person wants to do. It's a tough call, because while viewing ones ultrasound may have its benefits, it has negatives as well.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rights and Responsibilities

I'm soo tired of hearing the "the fetus is an unwanted intruder" or "forced gestation" argument from pro-choicers. Pregnancy is a normal, biological result of human sexual function and the natural occurance resulting from intercourse. There is no forced gestation -- no outsider's impregnating her against her will (except rape) -- pregnancy is a naturally occuring process resulting from the actions of the two individuals having sexual relations and would most likely develop to term if not interrupted. This is a fact of basic human biology. The fact is, when there is intercourse and/or reproductive bodily fluids are exchanged, even with contraception, there is always a risk that pregnancy may occur. This is how the human body is biologically programed, regardless of whether the woman and her partner have made a conscious decison to not have children. If you're going to have sex, you need to accept the possibility that it could lead to pregnancy or even STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), regardless of how careful you are. It is incredibly rediculous to claim the embryo/fetus is an unwanted intruder that appeared there suddenly without their willingness or involvement. However our culture has divorced the association between sex and pregnancy, leading to individuals developing the unrealistic idea that pregnancy won't happen to them. And when they do, they're surprised, and not ready to accept the responsibility of the pregnancy or raising the child. This is why the risks and potential consequences of casual sex need to be considered and realistically weighed beforehand.

"With great rights comes great responsibility" - Unknown

Monday, August 8, 2005

Feminists Views of Abortion as Beneficial Experience for Women

Quoting from Pinko Feminist Hellcat:

I'm not one of those people who decry abortion as a necessary evil. I'm not one of those self-righteous misogynists who would pass judgement on pro-choicers, pregnant women, or women who chose to abort. I don't hate abortion.I think it's wonderful. I think it's wonderful because it frees women from unwanted pregnancies, it keeps women from enduring the risks and complications that can arise from pregnancy, and it gives them say over when they will have children. If ever.

H/T to JivinJehosphat

It seems Pinko Feminist Hellcat has this notion that opposing the act of abortion is passing judgement on women who've had an abortion (not necessarily true). And by condoning abortion, she is supporting the women who've had one. It's an abstract thought. Showing real support for a woman who's had an abortion would be physically, in person taking care of her after the procedure and comforting her, regardless of whether or not her feelings support your political agenda. Her utopian idea that abortion is always a wonderful experience is a little off. First of all, having an abortion doesn't magically solve the issues or circumstances surrounding the unplanned pregnancy. Also, it's important to note that not all women experience life-threatening pregnancy complications, just like not all women have a complicated abortion. In addition, rather than abortion as the pat treatment, prenatal care and early diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy related complications is the key to a positive woman's health and childbearing. Also, it's misleading to portray all women as happily skipping out of the abortion clinic, happy with their decision. For every positive abortion story out there, there's a difficult abortion and reverse, because every women's individual situation and experience may be different. Also, most women don't take the decision to have an abortion lightly.