Tuesday, March 10, 2009

National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

Just a reminder -- "National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers" is March 10.

The project was launched in 1996 and was co-sponsored by many national organizations and individuals , though it's popularity among abortion rights supporters has diminished over the years. Here's where we can step in and fill the void and compassionately reach out to abortion providers. Priests for Life has in the past suggested March 9 as "National Day of Invitation for Abortion Providers" to invite them to repent and reform. In fact, I don't see why we can't do it March 10 so that we're using the same day. In fact, it would be a powerful witness if the only people reaching out to abortion clinic staff on their special day was prolifers.

Abortion wounds everyone it touches in some way or another, from the woman to her partner and family, even to abortion providers. Former abortion providers have spoken out here. And Dr. Rachel McNair has explored the stresses of abortion work in her  book Achieving Peace in the Abortion War. Though there are certain elements of greed (see here and here) and egotism, keep in mind that we're not dealing with heartless evil people, but misguided and well-intentioned individuals. A common underlying motivation is the idea that somehow what they're doing is helping the patients. The typical abortion worker views herself or himself as bravely overcoming his natural revulsion at destroying fetal life in order to better the lives of women. So what we need to do is break through that illusion. With that in mind, let's look at Refuse and Resist's suggestions, and see where we can get ideas to reach these lost souls and help them break free:
  • Send clinic staff letters gently letting them know that though they may have meant well, they hurt you or your loved one.
  • Bring your local staff gift baskets that include information on the Society of Centurions, or Clinic Worker.com. Make the gifts real gifts, like notecards, fruit, bath salts, and so forth, not phony "gifts" intended to crush the worker's spirit, like bloody dismembered baby dolls, baby clothes, etc.
  • Organize a local event to increase awareness of how abortion hurts women, or provide a respectful counter-presence at locally organized pro-choice events.
  • Organize a job fair to help link clinic staff with people willing to give them new jobs that will allow them to escape the abortion business.
  • Be a presence outside abortion facilities, reminding staff, patients, and the public of women who've been harmed there (look here for an example of such a pamplet ).
  • Invite your local abortion staff to coffee, to let him or her vent in a safe environment without fear of being labeled a traitor.
  • Write to your local newspaper, and call talk shows, to educate people about the harm abortion does to women.
  • Use your imagination to create a climate in which abortion clinic staff know that it's safe for them to approach you should they ever need your help.
H/T and Credits Go to Christina at Real Choice

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Help Needed in Developing Crisis Pregnancy Manual for the GLBT Community

The ProLife Alliance of Gays and Lesibians and the Nonviolent Choice Directory are collaborating on a crisis pregnancy manual for the LGBT community. Please check out their survey and see if you can offer any assistance.

Your  initial response may be, "How can lesbians experience a crisis pregnancy?" But the link explains, and really raises some awareness. And the manual will likely develop into something that will also help in all pregnancy center situations

H/T Christina at Real Choice