Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've Started Sidewalk Counseling

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve connected with the local Gabriel Project of the Great Lakes Region in Indianapolis and have started to sidewalk counsel in front Planned Parenthood twice a week. I've given this much thought and have considered this for some time. What is a "sidewalk counselor?" We are peer counselors there to offer hope, encouragement, and alternatives to abortion as well as help connect women with resources in their communities to meet their immediate needs (whether it's food, transportation, employment, or housing). The Gabriel Project's focus is non-political, but rather to help connect the women with socioeconomic resources to develop independence and self-sufficiency and a support system through her pregnancy and beyond. We do not engage in “street theater” or “harassing,” nor do we use graphic aides. We do not beg or plead, yell out condemning words, discuss adoption, make empty promises, try to change their minds on the morality of abortion, evangelize, or coerce/manipulate her into choosing life. We are simply there to let her know there alternative and resources/support if she so chooses.

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