Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Inexpensive Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Keep Calm and Carry On has some good insight on inexpensive ways to stay cool this summer

1. Fans are great. They use much less energy than air conditioners. I run my ceiling fans all day long to keep the cool air circulating.

2. Keep shades/curtains drawn. Sunlight is hot!

3. If your bathroom has one and doing so would not attract Peeping Toms & Tinas, shower with the window open to let out the steam. Otherwise, open the window immediately after your shower. If you belong to a gym, you can use their facilities and avoid steaming up your own. Of course, you could always shower with cold water. Having done this for several months two years ago, I don't recommend it. You will feel deprived the rest of the day, and probably cram yourself full of chocolate/sugar/salt until you realize what is missing.

4. At night, rinse off in cold water just before you get in bed. The evaporation will cool you as you fall asleep.

5. Close your closet doors. No need to air condition your closets.

See the rest of the tips here

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