Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pro-Life Fundraising Ideas

This idea came from both a bake sale I had at this past year's Relay for Life (to benefit the American Cancer Society) and from a post over at Sluts4Choice. To counter our opponents fundraising efforts, I propose having a Bakesale for Life on your local college campus, to raise procedes for either a CPC or a pro-life organization of your choosing. Or it'd be cool if we could find out the specific campus the person is wanting to have their bakesale at and set up a booth right next to theirs. Mwahaha ;) :)
Well, getting back to the idea: We all know that college students crave home-baked goodies and many don't have much money to go by. In addition to baked goods, this would be a good opportunity to offer life-affirming informational pamplets such as fetal development, abortion statistics, pregnancy loss (healing from an abortion or miscarriage), local community resources (domestic violence/rape, food, shelter, etc.) and information on pregnancy/parenting resources such as your local pregnancy resource center, The Nurturing Network, America's Pregnancy Helpline, and Feminists for Life for example. But make sure to check with your college's student activities office (or equivelent) for policies and procedures for setting up and running a booth on campus.
Another idea is to sell tickets for and host a volunteer-run, fundraiser dinner. A fish fry or spegettti dinner are two commonly chosen ones because of thier relative ease to put together and low cost. And you may be able to host it at a local Knights of Columbus, Kiwanas Club, or church. But be sure to check with your local health department for guildelines.
Also, just learned about the Wash for Life. "We are organizing thousands of groups across the nation to hold car washes to benefit their local pregnancy care centers - all on the same day! By participating in the Wash for Life, youth will help women and children in their own community, while at the same time being united in an event that sends a message to the whole nation, that this generation is pro-life."
Another idea is that we could do our own "Pledge-A-Picket" for any pro-choicers picketers at a pregnancy resource center, a Silent No More Awareness event, pro-life college booth, etc. The whole idea behind Pledge-a-Picket is to have people adopt a picketer and pledge a level of support for a picketer they "adopt." Then those contributions come rolling in every time these people are out on the street. The funds could then be used to support an existing pro-life organization, such as as your local pregnancy resource center, Heartbeat Interntional, Birthright, The Nuturing Network, or America's Pregnancy Helpline, for example or used to help you start your own organization.

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