Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Today's Pro-Life Blogroll

Jivin Jehoshaphat cues us in to the newest abortion-promoting t-shirt. The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project has created a new t-shirt for post-abortive women who are looking to fund another's abortion. This one reads, "ask me about my abortion!"

Naaman the Ex-Leper bids us fairwell. From a previous post: "In hindsight, I am becoming a little burned-out with respect to online debate. Please don't confuse burn-out with defeatism. I still believe that the handwriting is on the wall for the death of 'choice'."  And from this current post: "... And now I'm ready to close the blog. I have responsibilities to my family, my church, my Via de Cristo brothers & sisters, and my employer." Fairwell, Namaan. Although I haven't always seen eye to eye with you, you were often the calm voice of reason between po-life and pro-choice. You will be missed. I wish you all the best for yourself, Mrs. Naaman, and little Naaman.

Christina at RealChoice explains the under-reporting of legalized abortions and inflation of maternal mortality numbers. "...any death of a pregnant woman, or of a woman who was known to have been recently pregnant, gets coded as "maternal mortality," even if her death had nothing to do with the pregnancy (i.e. automobile accident), or if her death was due to an induced abortion."

Dawn Eden of The Dawn Patrol temporarily comes out of hibernation to give us excellent pieces on Planned Parenthood caught in a proud confession of covering up rape and enabling an 11-year-old girl's rapist to continue his crimes. Also see crime expert Steve Huff's take on the matter, Part I and Part II

Annie Banno of After Abortion has put up a great list of links to news articles giving background on accusations that have been made against Planned Parenthood in various blogs

The Raving Athiest writes a piece entitled, "Don't Ask, Don't Care", which is about the non-cholant attitudes of some members of the Haven Coalition, an organization that provides overnight housing for women who flock to New York for elective, late second-trimester abortions.

I had unintentionally mistyped Steve Huff's name and this has now been corrected. My apologies to Steve.

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