Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rights and Responsibilities

I'm soo tired of hearing the "the fetus is an unwanted intruder" or "forced gestation" argument from pro-choicers. Pregnancy is a normal, biological result of human sexual function and the natural occurance resulting from intercourse. There is no forced gestation -- no outsider's impregnating her against her will (except rape) -- pregnancy is a naturally occuring process resulting from the actions of the two individuals having sexual relations and would most likely develop to term if not interrupted. This is a fact of basic human biology. The fact is, when there is intercourse and/or reproductive bodily fluids are exchanged, even with contraception, there is always a risk that pregnancy may occur. This is how the human body is biologically programed, regardless of whether the woman and her partner have made a conscious decison to not have children. If you're going to have sex, you need to accept the possibility that it could lead to pregnancy or even STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), regardless of how careful you are. It is incredibly rediculous to claim the embryo/fetus is an unwanted intruder that appeared there suddenly without their willingness or involvement. However our culture has divorced the association between sex and pregnancy, leading to individuals developing the unrealistic idea that pregnancy won't happen to them. And when they do, they're surprised, and not ready to accept the responsibility of the pregnancy or raising the child. This is why the risks and potential consequences of casual sex need to be considered and realistically weighed beforehand.

"With great rights comes great responsibility" - Unknown

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