Friday, July 15, 2005

Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness for the Post-Abortion Woman

I came across this awesome quote from a pro-life visitor to the contraversial website of Operation Rescue West (don't even get me started on their negative impact on the pro-life movement):

Sunflower wrote:
"judge and you shall be judged" [Bible]
'Ultimately we should not be judging anyone for their sins or actions, but we should however be forgiving them and hope they can forgive themselves. We should be compassionate for whatever their "sins" might be, especially in the case of abortion, where no one knows what might bring a "mother to be" to come to such decision!'

I completely agree with this. It is not our place to judge. Especially if she is feeling hurt, loss, regret, or sorrow, she doesn't need salt rubbed into her wounds (metaphorically speaking) But nor do we have to condone the sin to love the sinner. "Hate the sin but not the sinner" [Bible, I need to look up the verse) I reassure you that we don't have to condone abortion to give compassion and mercy to the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy or who have chosen abortion. This is the attitude more of the pro-life movement needs to take on.

On an additional note, there's a grieving post-abortion woman on Feminist Forum needing support. As I was following a referral link to my web journal from a Google search of abortion regrets, I found a grieving post-abortion woman's post at feminist forum in the UK.

She originally wrote: "I already have a nine year old daughter and have a very good job and am still with my daughters father, but i fell pregnant in feb and had a abortion and now i feel so gulity. I was given the injection that last three months and it will be over may 12 i want i have a baby now because i now feel that ishouldnt have done it. what shall i do?"

She received a lot responses from pro-choicers and prolifers condemning to indefferent (telling her to "seek forgiveness" and to "get over it").

Her original post is a few months old, however another greiving post-abortion woman posted in June. These ladies could use some supportive and encouraging words among the highly political responses.

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