Thursday, April 28, 2005

Just for Fun: More Quizes

More fun quizes to give us a break from the daily grind.

"What Condom Flavor are You? "

You are very unique, and like to try different things, you have an alright attitude, and are often hyper!
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Right on!

"What Religion Bests Suits You?"

Average Christian
You're not going to become a minister anytime soon, but you do your best to live your life in a Christian way. This means that although you probably don't attend church every Sunday, you do your best to follow the Ten Commandments, help the needy and generally be an all around good person. Who needs to follow the entire bible anyways? It was written ages ago, and Christ transmuted it by giving his life.
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Yeah, that sounds about right about me nowadays.

"Which Care Bear Are You?"

You Are Friend Bear!
Need a good friend? Friend Bear would love to be your best buddy bear. She's the perfect example of a friend, too. She's caring, likes to play with you and she's fun to be with. She has a friendly symbol on her tummy. Two smiling flowers!
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I'm loyal and honest. And I'm always there if a friend needs to talk or a shoulder to cry on.

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