Thursday, October 28, 2004

Down Syndrome Dolls

Celebrating the unique beauty of the child with Down Syndrome, Downi Creationsproduces dolls suitable for children, parents, medical professionals, and collectors. Help spread the word about these beautiful dolls, and the fact that any child, including one with Down Syndrome, is a gift from God.

Also I recommend the following pages which promote awareness and undestanding towards individuals with Down Syndrome:

Band of Angels
Beautiful books, cards, and calendars celebrating the lives of individuals with Down Syndrome

A Positive Perspective
A Positive Perspective offers unique, upbeat designs to help you promote awareness about Down syndrome and inclusion. The variety of gifts and personal items display positive messages and help create positive perspectives in others.

Chris Burke
He is a man who's risen above his disability of Down Syndrome to become an actor.

Children with disabilities have a way of touching our hearts and transforming our lives.

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